A Thank You To My 500 Subscribers

Hey guys and dolls, I finally reached 500 subscribers on r/TheCookieJar and the awesome u/RottenPines wrote me a very sexy script to celebrate the milestone. This audio was edited kindly by u/UndiscoveredKink ❤ Upvote that sticky load of yours all over my face! [Cock Worship][Blowjob][Ball Sucking][Cum Slurping] [Creampie][Breeding][Impreg][Gangbang][Cum With Cookie][Giggle Slut][Script by u/RottenPines]

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Fender Bender

When I got u/WinterWhisperer as my secret Santa giftee, I must admit, I was very excited and nervous. So, I decided to bring my A-Game! This is my first improv audio and I tried to combine three of my favorite things: cars, corny jokes, and con-non-con. Enjoy! Special credit to the awesome u/kilbeggan32 who always…

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The Babysitter’s Extra-Marital Duties

The Johnsons’ babysitter does a little more than take care of the kids. I’d like to thank u/flos_legere for writing this sexy, soft fdom script, the awesome u/kilbeggan32 kill-ed it with the editing and I hope my lovely Secret Santa recipient u/combustibledaredevil likes it 🙂 Will you or Mrs. Johnson be…um… needing me for anything…

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Housewife Becomes Sex Slave To Younger Man

All it takes is one bad day to reduce the sanest woman alive to lunacy. I really enjoyed filling in this script for u/RottenPines and as always, u/kilbeggan32 smashed it with his editing prowess! Well, what I mean is, why not stay and… have some milk and cookies? [Script Fill] [FSub] [MDom] [Cheating] [Impreg] [Creampie]…

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