Giving My Virginity to My Big Brother on Christmas Eve

The script is by u/homersoc_. This script was uniquely written just for me and I am really grateful! Synopsis: You, um… you caught me. I was just taking a peek at my Christmas presents. I know I shouldn’t. But I couldn’t wait until tomorrow. I just had to see what my big brother got me. You…

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Playing with Mr. Teddy

Script by u/RottenPines Synopsis: It’s so dark outside. All that thunder and lightning is so scary! Good thing I have you to keep me company tonight, Mr. Teddy. Being all alone in this big house can get so frightening, but with you by my side, I feel so safe and warm. Oh! What’s this? I’ve…

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Princess’s Anal Introduction

Written by u/Enno_Zalenno Synopsis: I’ve been waiting so patiently for you all day long Daddy! Like a good little girl! And it’s so late! Do the rest of your work tomorrow Daddy, come play with me before bed! Full list of tags: [F4M] [DD/lg] [Sweet] [Anal] [Assplay] [BJ] [Suckling] [Teasing] [Dirty Talk] [Deep Throat] [Gagging]…

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Where Do You Think You’re Going, Little Miss? (Age)

Note: Please note, this F4F audio is strictly fantasy roleplay about the adult listener imagining herself as a young girl, who the babysitter takes advantage of. The scenario is not rooted in reality at all, and I do not condone any real-life abuse. The audio also contains elements of dubcon, non-con, degradation and humiliation. If these…

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Angry Mother’s Yoga Relief


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