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Morticia and Wednesday Addams: The Path Towards Womanhood

Synopsis: Morticia has been training Wednesday in sexual education for several months now. The young girl is almost ready to become a woman. There is just one final lesson left, and it will require some help from Uncle Fester. Script by u/RottenPines Full list of tags: [F4FM] [Halloween] [Incest] [Mother] [Mommy] [Daughter] [Uncle] [Niece] [Son] [FSub] [FDom]…

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Twas The Night Before Christmas (Erotic Poem)

Script by u/-et_Al. Synopsis: A much naughtier take on the classic poem Full list of tags: [F4M][‘For the Daddies’ Edition][Filthy Poetry][Christmas Smut][Slight DD/lg][BFE][Sneaking Around][At My Parent’s House][Trying To Stay Quiet][Fingering][Blowjob][Deepthroat][Fucking][On The Sofa][Cumming Inside Me][L-Bomb]

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Giving My Virginity to My Big Brother on Christmas Eve

The script is by u/homersoc_. This script was uniquely written just for me and I am really grateful! Synopsis: You, um… you caught me. I was just taking a peek at my Christmas presents. I know I shouldn’t. But I couldn’t wait until tomorrow. I just had to see what my big brother got me. You…

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How to Get a Job as a Joyless Elf: Lessons in Interviewing for Santa’s Workshop

The script is by u/totallynotnatalie Synopsis: A snarky adult orphan is interviewing at Santa’s workshop in order to earn some extra money to buy video games. Full list of tags: [F4M] [Strangers to Lovers] [Gamer Girl to Turned Santa Elf] [A Bit Tsundere] [Blowjob] [Creampie] [Sex in Santa’s Chair] [Lots of Snarky Banter] [Confidence] [Christmas Orphan] [NSFW…

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Customer Service

The script is by u/fro_yo. Synopsis: You walk into a quiet section of a large store, and find me on my knees arranging items on the bottom shelf. Are you sure you don’t need anything? I’m happy to help–satisfaction guaranteed, as they say! Full list of tags: [F4M] [Masturbation] [Blowjob] [Undressing] [Cunnilingus] [Cowgirl] [Riding] [Orgasm] [Sixty-Nine] [Deepthroat]…

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The Dog and His Slut

The script is by u/RottenPines. This audio contains fantasy bestiality content some listeners may find disturbing. Do NOT listen to the audio if you may be disturbed by this. Listener discretion is strongly advised. Synopsis: She’s been stuck inside the house ever since COVID-19 hit, and she is desperate for cock! Full list of tags: [Beast] [Dog]…

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