Private Audio?

Due to preparation and recording/editing time, commissions are $20 minimum, even if word count or length is less

Continuous single-take script (Applies to SFW and NSFW Audio):

  • $0.10 per word (average 50 words per minute)
  • $5 per minute – script, sex sounds, or improv/adlib lines
  • $60 for 15 minutes (20% discount)
  • Includes editing with some sound effects and delivery as a single file
  • I reserve the copyright to the audio, and may post it as public or exclusive content after a month at my discretion
  • If you would like to retain it as a private audio for yourself only (no reposting or sharing with others), an extra 50% charge will apply
  • Large amounts of sound effects or audio editing are extra

Separate lines – character voice for animation, game, collab, etc (SFW & NSFW):

  • $0.20 per word (average 50 words per minute)
  • $10 per minute – script, sex sounds, or improv/adlib lines
  • Includes editing and delivery as separate files for each line (or single file and timestamps)
  • I will provide at least one take for each line, and any multiple takes at my discretion
  • If you would like to request specific alternate takes of some lines (before recording), an extra 50% charge will apply for them
  • You get the right to use the audio in any free or commercial project. I’d really appreciate it if you provide me credit by mentioning my Twitter handle @iamdoll_va

Important To Note (For NSFW Audio Commissions):

  • When you commission a production, you confirm you’re 18+ years of age
  • All characters must be canonically aged 18+ and/or aged up. If it is age roleplay between two consenting adults, no explicit mentions of age below 18+
  • Respect my limits: No gore, vore, snuff or mutilation. I don’t do ramblefaps. I won’t do scripts or audios that mention abortion or suicide. NO request to perform racial or homophobic slurs will be accepted
  • Acceptable Kinks/Fetishes: I am cool with scat, water sports, race play, cum play, group sex, beast and zoophilia (ALL of these are audio fantasy and roleplay, not actual real-life sex acts)

Terms and Conditions for all audios:

  • Please be very clear about the tone of voice, the script, budget and performance notes
  • Payment will be requested upfront via an email invoice addressed to YOUR email
  • You will need to provide a completed script, or ideas for a script to be written
  • If you need a script to be made for you, a 25% or more surcharge will be added
  • Rush charges apply for short deadlines
  • If I feel you are taking advantage of me, I reserve the right to not engage with you. Period
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