Where Do You Think You’re Going, Little Miss? (Age)

Note: Please note, this F4F audio is strictly fantasy roleplay about the adult listener imagining herself as a young girl, who the babysitter takes advantage of. The scenario is not rooted in reality at all, and I do not condone any real-life abuse. The audio also contains elements of dubcon, non-con, degradation and humiliation. If these trigger you, please do not listen to this audio. You have been warned.

Synopsis: You see that, what that girl is doing to the other girl? Yeah, two girls, that’s right. Two girls just like me, and you. Starting to get the picture yet?

Full list of tags: [F4F][Lesbian][FDom][Babysitter][FSub][Vaginal Fingering][Spanking][Teasing][Degradation][Humiliation][Non Con][Dub Con][Age]

I have added an aftercare audio for your listening pleasure here ?doubledimpledoll.com/podcast/aftercare/

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