The backstory for this little scene is a brother and sister have been having sex for a while, and she ended up pregnant. But this is well into her pregnancy. They live in the brother’s apartment, and commonly watch anime together. One night she’s being hit hard by the preggo hormones, and really needs some cream in her. But she enjoys teasing her brother, so, she just goes with that route to make him really pound her.

[F4M] [Teasing FDom] to [FSub] [Incest] [Big Bro/Little Sis] [Pregnant] [Anime Lovers] [Lactation][Breastfeeding] [Small Breast Love] [Breeding Mention] [Watersports] Horny Pregnant Sister, Teasable Older Brother. What Do? [Asian Accent] [DDD Production][Script by u/Pikachuisrlycute]

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