Impregnating Your Boypussy Part 2

Hi guys and dolls, here’s another fun collaboration between myself and u/HannahSlamma in which two demon sisters bond over their good little buttslut, helping him birth his demon spawn before fucking him together with the goal of impregnating him yet again – this time with twins!

This solidly sinful script was written by u/Entitiy and it is a delight! In this audio, u/HannahSlamma plays the licentious Lilith and u/HandInMyCookieJar plays the magnificent Mania. As usual, mind the tags as things get a tad… extreme. We hope you enjoy our latest bout of wholesome family entertainment! Credit goes to u/RottenPines for bringing our fantasy to life with his really flawless editing. You can hear more of Hannah’s work, including audios, writing, and editing credits can be found at here on the master list

Mania: Seems like our cutie here enjoys our cocks just as much as we enjoy using his hole. Your fucked silly face is definitely the best. You always drool so much and just look like your brain gave up and started sending out random signals.

Lilith: His brain probably overloaded when he imagined being filled with both our loads and then carrying twins. His belly will be so damn big at the end.

Mania: You little slut, you love the idea of always being pregnant, carrying a new demon inside your tummy every few months and only getting fed with semen. Come on sis I’ll choke him a bit with my tail and you can wrap yours around his tummy. I think our cutie pie here deserves a sisterly hand-job while we take him together.

[FDom] [Supernatural] [Incest] [Demon] [Sisters] [MSub] [Degradation] [Good Slut] [MPreg] [Anal] [Fisting] [Surprise Birth] [Futa] [Double Penetration] [Breeding] [Handjob] [Snowballing][Collab w/ u/HannahSlamma][Script by u/Entitiy]

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