Give Me the Girl

Hi guys and dolls, my Daddy u/UndiscoveredKink and I met up last month and we decided to give this raunchy script by u/ravishagirl a go. Edited by Daddy ❤ Bloopers included and please excuse the random car noises, hotels aren’t the quietest of places.

Fuck me. Please FUCK me hard. Fuck me so hard.

[REAL SEX][GFE][Bondage] then [Intruder] [Rape] [I’m Going to Fuck Your Girl] [Creampie] [Blowjob][Name Calling] [Breathplay] [Body Betrayal] [Teaching Him How to Fuck Her the Way She NEEDS to Be Fucked][L Bombs][Giggle Slut][Collab with u/UndiscoveredKink][Script by u/ravishagirl]

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