Cookie’s Rainy Cake Day Surprise Party

Hi guys and dolls, it’s my Cake Day! All my fans have gotten together to celebrate. They even got me a cake! But there is just one thing they’d like me to do for them… u/RottenPines wrote this deliciously naughty script for me. He & u/UndiscoveredKink made this audio possible to listen with their awesome editing skills 🙂

Would it be okay if they ate this delicious cake… off of my ass?

[Cake] [Rape] [Gangbang] [Food Porn] [Ass Licking] [Pussy Licking] [Tit Sucking] [Cock Sucking][Creampie] [Bukkake] [Cum Shower] covered in their “special icing” [Extra Wet] [Real Storm] [Ominous Thunder][Script by u/RottenPines]

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